Cleanwood has technology offering a fixed and mobile service to wineries for the sterilisation of oak barrels, eliminating from the barrels all organisms, bacteria, fungi, woodworm, yeast and, of course, Brettanomyces.



The mobile service is intended for those wineries that do not have a belt washer system on their premises. Cleanwood has a mobile stock of barrels and vehicles adapted to transport them. These vehicles can be used to transport the machine to the areas of the winery where the work of cleaning the barrels is intended.

That area must be spacious and have electricity and water outlets to carry out the service simultaneously with the washing process, thus avoiding any loss of time for the winery. Cleanwood has designed a manual about the procedure to be followed in each winery which will be delivered to each client to save their time and money.

The machine includes a series of sensors to ensure the safety of workers and the health of the barrel. All service actions come with a protocol in the user manuals which will be delivered to the winery operators by the Cleanwood workers.



The fixed service is intended for those wineries that have a belt washer system. The Cleanwood machine will adapt to each belt wash system, becoming a part of the same (customisation). In this way, barrel washing times will not be adversely affected, cleaning costs will be lowered and the barrel will be sterilised automatically at the same time as the washing process.

The Cleanwood machine’s sensor safety system improves the belt wash safety systems.