R&D&i revolution.

Never follow the beaten path, it will only lead where others have been Graham Bell.

We’re tackling a “classic” problem in the world of wine from a completely different perspective. This vision, tied to a long-applied research quest, working hand-in-hand with wineries, enologists and engineers, has led to us developing an inerting and regeneration service adapted to the needs of wineries and the quality requirements of the present-day client.

In situ integration.

Cleanwood has designed a fixed machine model capable of being integrated and customized in any warehouse with a barrel park equal to or greater than 8,000 units. The machine combines cleaning with water and intertization plus regeneration by high-frequency waves. The execution of this machine in the cellar will facilitate the enological control of the barrel, guaranteeing its health. This integration will reduce the number of cleaning racking to a single racking.

4 minutes

Our technology manages to sterilize and regenerate the barrels in four minutes of treatment, leaving them in perfect health without any need to use the discredited “sulphurous acid” method.

Cleanliness + regeneration

Our service eliminates all micro-organisms nesting in the barrels, including, of course, brett, throughout the entirety of the wood. Being a physical application, it does not alter the organoleptic properties of the wood. We facilitate the opening of pores. We extract tartrates by natural impulse. We extend the useful life of barrels.