Our method consists of the application of a certain pattern of frequencies and intensities to the wood, in such a way that it is irradiated uniformly, causing the elimination of micro-organisms. The determination of that frequency pattern has been key to being able to eliminate the micro-organisms without modifying the properties of the organoleptic components of the wood. An excess of energy eliminates the micro-organisms, but also destroys the wood’s organic profile.

Disinfection by high frequency waves.



The machine incorporates the necessary systems to be able to automatically handle 225-litre capacity barrels, so it can be implemented in existing belt washer systems in larger wineries, or mobile service can be provided by taking a machine to wineries with this requirement. The main elements for the application of the treatment in industrial systems are:

  • Integrated motor: This turns the barrel so that all the staves that make it up are exposed to the waves emitted by the machine. 
  • Loading and unloading system: The device is capable of handling barrels entering and leaving, which facilitates integration in automatic lines.
  • Integrated water and filter systems: This system collects the sediments in a container. This waste mainly consists of tartaric crystals which are usually sold as a complement for compost or for use in cosmetic products. They command a good price.
  • Safety system: The technology used involves high power gain, so the machine has the necessary equipment to guarantee its safety in use.



The range of waves used is included in radio frequency bands, specifically UHF.

These waves can be generated in several ways, generally divided in two categories: solid state devices and vacuum tube-based devices. The devices used in Cleanwood are a modified version of a standard solid state “magnetron” system, which is able to obtain the desired spectrum of frequencies and power at a reasonable price. In addition, operation and maintenance costs are kept much more reasonable compared to vacuum devices, used in applications requiring far greater power.

The use of this technology called Microwave Shock Pulse (MwSP) enables the elimination, in 3 minutes, of all micro-organisms harmful to wine aging throughout the whole volume of the barrel, increasing the product’s quality and extending the useful life of the barrels by several years. During the research phase, we hit upon a specific pattern which eliminates harmful bacteria and maintains the wood below 40ºC, keeping the end of the process safe. These objectives are achieved maintaining ALL the wood’s organoleptic properties.

Therefore, Cleanwood Technology is at present the only one capable of completely eliminating the most important lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, aspergillus and Brettanomyces, while at the same time extending the life cycle of the barrels, carrying the process out with low consumption of resources and at low cost. In addition, it is a safe solution which can be integrated in wineries, minimising the possible risks of barrel contamination.